Tuesday, October 07, 2008

WONDER WOMAN DAY scketches and final art

You can see and buy my pin-up and many others in this link:
Here some scketches that I did for the charity event called WONDER WOMAN DAY. I really liked the idea with the thieves in love with Wondy, but at the same time I`d want to draw a Donna Troy and Wonder Girl so I choose this option.

Algunos bocetos que hice para un pin-up de Wonder Woman, para el evento de caridad llamadoWONDER WOMAN DAY. Al final me gusto más la idea de hacer a la "familia" Wonder Woman y dejé de lado la idea de hacer a Wonder Woman y unos enamoradizos ladrones.

Here the final piece. It changed a little bit, tho.

La pieza final ganó prolijidad pero creo que perdió algo de fuerza o no se qué. Ustedes juzguen :)
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