Friday, October 27, 2006

Rob and Me

A long while ago, in the Millarworld forums I got myself on a discussion with Rob Liefeld about his politics on variants covers. We figth a while (like genttlemen) and then I`d take the opportunity to show him my stuff, just for fun...then Rob did offer me a job!
He want me to design some characteres for him in the fashion of
Desesperate Housewives with a mix of superheroics. I Remember that Rob all the time wanted designs with "real gear" nothing too comicbook, something like Angelina Jollie on Tomb Raider. Rob told me that he want to publish a one-shot, but I think that he wanted to sell the idea to Hollywood...not a bad idea at all.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Superhero fun!


Cullen - from Strychnine Kiss -

A pair years ago, I meet online to Brendan McGinley on the Millarworld forums. I was pimping my last book, Firebirds (from the Jay Faerber plume) and he´d want me to draw this story called Strychnine Kiss, a very good idea on the form the a western-post apocaliptic-jazz extravaganza.
Finally we think that my style is more superhero-oriented and we jump to other of his wacky ideas;
StarCrossed. Soon I`ll post some pages. Here we see to Cullen the star of the book.

En los foros creativos de Millarworld conocí a este ser tan particular llamado Brendan McGinley. Yo estaba autopromocionandome y el me ofreció una historia suya que estaba incompleta llamada Strychnine Kiss. Una locura muy buena con jazz y pistoleros en una Chicago post apocaliptica. Al final decidimos hacer otra cosa, mas superheroica llamada StarCrossed, más apta para mi estilo. Pero bueno, acá muestro unos dibujos de Cullen la protagonista de esa historia.


Designs for a children CD-Rom

Here some designs that I did a while ago. The CD-Rom tell the story of a human baby on a subacuatic-themed city and his meeting with the strange aliens on that place.

Bueno este material es medio viejo pero decidí incluirlo ya que al final no sé que pasó con el proyecto. Era un CD-Rom Educativo que contaba la historia de un bebé que se perdía en una ciudad acuatica y su encuentro con los habitantes de la misma.


Forsaken Earth

Some pages from the previously mentioned short stories.

Algunas páginas de la antes mencionada antología.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Some Characters Designs

These characters was used on two short stories for the anthology book from the Vicious Circle Proyect.

Dos personajes que apararecieron en dos historias cortas en una antología del estudio Vicious Circle Proyect.