Friday, January 16, 2009

Girls Of Action!

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~ tOkKa said...

-->> O M G,

A, give me some time.. i'm trying to gather as much money as i can for more art.

I wanna damm commission.

dude your brilliant !!


Andres P. said... hurries Tokka! :)

... and thanks. Always is great to read the commetaries!


BrikHed said...

like the Swift a lot - as always kicking some butt with your art

Dario Brizuela said...

Buenisma la chica con alas Andrews!!

Un abrazo!

Ruka said...

Mmmmmm.. veo algo distinto en las tintas de la pagina de esa gladiadora, cambiando un poco el estilo?


ahì te vez, saludos!

Quini said...

ya hace muchisimo tiempo q no te visito, pero tus dibujos siguen siendo tan geniales como siempre, incluso mas, un gran saludo tio.

Andres P. said...

Gracias / Thanks!


Brendan McGinley said...

::crosses legs::