Sunday, March 08, 2009

More TMNT Commissions

Those are my last two commissions for a while, it´s always fun to do those pieces but it´s time to back to tell stories. Also I just finished a big Ad job, so I`ll be focusing on Tales of TMNT and HEIST now.

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Gabriel Romero said...

Hola, compañero!

Enhorabuena por el gran trabajo que haces! Este blog es de lo más increíble, y cada entrada me flipa más que la anterior! HEIST es increíble, y las TMNT me encantan!!

Pásate por mi blog, que tienes un premio dedicado a ti!

Un abrazo!!!

Lord Nightwalker said...

Nice work Andres!
Your realy getting the hang of the TMNT man. That's some awesome stuff.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..sh5t .. yeh m,give me a chance to get some dinero for one of the beauties.

ain' none of you haters gonna stop me !!

Watch the f7ck out !!

Anonymous said...

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